Reason to be chosen

Japan Natural Laboratories Co., LTD.
can respond to the following requests.

  • We want to make products that will continue to satisfy our customers.
  • We want the materials and ingredients that can be differentiated from those of other companies.
  • We want to renew the existing products and increase the repeat purchase rate.

"Why is Japan Natural Laboratories Co., LTD. chosen by many customers?" Find it out here.

3 reasons to choose

Reason 1Original ingredients

"Raw materials" decide everything about cosmetics and health foods. Just as a competent chef chooses the best food stuff, the first thing we have to do is to choose the "best raw materials" to be successful in product development.

As we have a raw material manufacturer in our group, we have been researching and developing “world's first” and “Japan's first” raw materials one after another since 1990. These original and unique raw materials continue to be chosen by successful companies.

Reason 2Product development ability

Having a raw material manufacturer in our group, the staff, who is familiar with these unique raw materials, develop products based on various product results and accumulated abundant know-how. We are good at creating "products that can be realized" by blending safe, secure, and high-quality raw materials in a stable, highly concentrated manner.

Reason 3In-house production

The production of raw materials and products is centered on three factories of our group in Japan. Using the latest equipment, we provide safe, secure and high quality products made in our own factory under strict quality control standards.