Original ingredients

Using our own raw materials to develop the products
that make a difference

We handle a large number of cosmetics and health foods that are mainly made from our own raw materials. Above all, placenta extract is manufactured in the same way as pharmaceutical raw materials. And this is the reason why our company specializes in supplying OEM cosmetics and health foods using placenta extract.

Placenta extract/ Amnion extract/ Umbilical cord extract

What is Placenta?

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Placenta is an organ unique to mammals, and has been used since ancient times as traditional medicine and aging care. Placenta extract of our company is extracted from domestic SPF pigs and Mongolian horses without breaking useful components by using our own manufacturing method. Furthermore, we have raw materials that cannot be imitated by other companies such as “fermented and mellowed placenta extract” succeeded in increasing useful components by fermenting and mellowing the placenta, and “oil-soluble placenta extract” that we were able incorporated into an oil-based dosage form by dissolving it using olive oil.

What is amniotic membrane?

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Amnion is a thin membrane that encloses the fetus and holds amniotic fluid. It has a wide variety of cytokines (cell growth factors), including EGF and GDF-11. We use the of horses raised healthily in a natural environment in Mongolia. By collecting placenta in Mongolia, where there are many horses, and manufacturing it at a domestic factory, we are able to achieve a stable and reasonable supply of high-quality raw materials.

What is umbilical cord?

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Umbilical cord is the umbilical cord that connects the fetus to the mother's placenta. As it contains abundant mucopolysaccharides such as hyaluronic acid and chondroitin, we can expect it to have water retention effect and skin care effect.


What is EGF, FGF and KGF?


EGF, FGF and KGF are ingredients that have originally present in the human body. They stand for Epidermal Growth Factor, Fibroblast Growth Factor, and Keratinocyte Growth Factor. Supplementing these will promote skin cell activation.

What is nanosome formation?

By adopting the "nanosome" technology that enables delivery to the inside of the skin, we have achieved stability and compatibility with the skin. Although many EGF raw materials are produced overseas, our company handles raw materials produced in Japan.

Yeast 331 (SAMe)

What is Yeast 331 (SAMe)?

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Yeast 331 (SAMe) strain is a unique raw material that supports daily progress. We have found that the yeast 331 strain contains large amounts of ingredients that are highly regarded in the US and Europe, and that they are contained in large amounts in yeast used for bread fermentation and other purposes. Furthermore, we have succeeded in developing a cosmetic containing yeast 331 strains.