Flow of OEM and ODM

"Raw materials" are the essence of cosmetics and health foods.

High added value comes from the raw materials. In particular, in order to stand on top of the world of cosmetics and health foods, we need raw materials that have high functionality and usefulness that cannot be imitated easily by other companies.

Product development ability that cannot be imitated by other companies

Being able to freely combine our original and unique raw materials and being able to provide safe, secure and high-quality products by consistently manufacturing and controlling the quality in the process from raw materials to products at our own group factory. This sets us apart from the rest.

Customer satisfaction depends on the "result".

For example in cosmetics, we would not be able to satisfy customers without an impact of texture during first use. Above all, the important point is the customer's product assessment or the "result" which will lead to an increase in repeat purchase rate.

We have responded to various requests from customers who want materials and ingredients that can be differentiated from those of other companies and who want to renew existing products and increase their repeat purchase rate. Sometimes we are faced with "impossible tasks", but we have proposed solutions unique to our company. Trust us, and we will produce the "results" that you want.

Products that can be proposed



  • Undiluted solution

  • Beauty essence

  • Lotion

  • Cream

  • Emulsion

  • Sunscreen

  • Eye cream

  • Mask

  • Cleansing

  • Facial cleanser


  • Quasi-drug (active ingredient: water soluble placenta)

  • Anti-wrinkle

  • Aging care

  • Eye care

  • Pores

  • Dull skin

  • Lip care

  • Body care

  • Hair care

Health foods

Dosage form

  • Drink (50-500ml)

  • Soft capsule

  • Hard capsule

  • Tablet

  • Stick

  • Powder(including granules)

Manufacturing process

This is the process from the customer's inquiry to manufacturing the product.


Meeting on the product

We will ask you in detail about your requests and your image of the product.

This includes the item (purpose of use), product concept, ingredients you wish to use and ingredients you don't wish to use, number of lots, appearance (container, box, shrink), sales route, sales price, budget, etc.


Development of formula

Based on the product concept, we will decide which cosmetic ingredients and textures to use, select raw materials and develop a formula with a view to the final product.


Submission of trial samples

We will examine the formula and ingredients according to the customer's request and submit a trial sample.


Quotation and contract preparation

We will submit a quote according to your desired specification and quantity.


Prescription decision

Once we decide which ingredients to use, we will prepare to make the product.


Deciding the sales name/ Preparing the containers and cosmetic boxes/ Deciding the design


Storage efficacy test/ Stability test/ Container test/ Transportation test/ Various applications and notifications defined by the Pharmaceutical Equipment Act


Order placement

Please order the product specifications described in the estimate according to the lead time.



We will produce each product carefully in our factory under a clean environment. For detailed factory equipment, please see the "Factory Tour" page.


Product examination and inspection/ Shipping

We will inspect the product and its wrapping, and ship only the products that have passed the inspection.