Focusing on the essence,adhering to the essence

Business Lineup

Today, the environmental conditions surrounding our skin keep changing from day to day, and there are thousands, or even ten thousands of cosmetics and health foods in the world.
In such a situation, Japan Natural Laboratories Co., Ltd.(JNL) using safe and natural ingredients and, focus on additive-free products in order to make cosmetics, which could help create truly beautiful skin.
True beauty is, to produce a beautiful body from both within and outside of the skin.
Based upon this concept, I used all of my experience acquired by working in a drug manufacturer for 27 years, and by placing the quality above anything else, I have kept on making a product by carefully selecting the high quality ingredients, which could be done by connected directly to a cosmetic ingredient manufacture.
As a Doctor of Medicine, I have always seen medical advances and kept on working as a researcher.
Innovating state-of the-art medical science, and by verifying the data and examples, I consider that it is my mission to launch products, which are certainly safe and effective, ahead of the market.


President Yukio Mitsui (M.D./ Pharmacist)

Born in 1941
Working on Research and Development of Medical Skincare products
in the eyes of both a doctor of medical science and a Pharmacist.


  • ・President of Horus Group(Horus Co., Ltd., Japan Natural Laboratories  Co., Ltd., Blanc Pharmacy Co., Ltd.)
  • ・A director of “Kougakukai”, Association of Healthcare Corporations
  • ・Academic Research Manager of Japanese Society of umbilical cord &
     Placenta Medicine.
  • ・A member of Japanese Society of Aesthetic Dermatology
  • ・A member of Japanese Dermatological Association
  • ・A member of Japanese Cosmetic Science Society

Publication(As, Author/Supervising editor/Cooperated in interviews)

  • ・『アトピーが消えた―高純度プラセンタエキスのすごい効果―』1996
  • ・『トリプリス基礎化粧法』1998
  • ・『リーブ21 超発毛の真実』2003
  • ・『脱毛よさらば!―発見!新発毛メカニズム―』2011
  • ・『臍帯力―へその緒療法で120歳まで生きよう!―』2014
  • ・『三井弘博士の ひざを若返らせる本“サミー”』2015 
Yukio Mitsui