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Plant Facilities

Production Facilities


【For Large-Lots】       
Open type stirring tank(1ton)   Vacuum Emulsify equipment (800L)   Vacuum Emulsify equipment (300L)
Used for Manufacturing Bulks like lotion and serum, when there are no emulsification process.
Temperature control and stirring speed are under computer control.
  Can produce 10,000pcs of cream. The newest equipment which costs 100 million yen.    
Used for manufacturing high-viscosity Bulks like Cream, Emulsion and UV, which has emulsification process, and for Gel.
It is possible to manufacture Large Lots all at once.
It can strongly stir the Bulk without putting any air bubbles.
【For Small-Lots】        
Vacuum Emulsify equipment (150L)   Vacuum Emulsify equipment (50L)    
Vacuum Emulsify equipment for small lots. Also being successful for small amount of filling volume.    


Ultrasonic Tube-filling machine   Dry heat sterilizer(200 degrees)   Automatic Vial Container filling machine
By ultrasonic, heat is generated by friction. Tube is bonded with pressure and sealed.
It is under computer control and it exert for high reproducibility and productivity.
  Heat-sterilized under arid condition. In order to keep the safety and quality of cosmetics, the glass container is sterilized just before used and prevents the bacteria from coming in.   This is a machine which automatically fills in the Vial container, puts on the rubber plug and aluminum cap, and fastens it tightly.
Four-way Automatic Sample filling machine        
This is equipment which individually packages the Bulk for one use.
By setting a piece of aluminum film with the bulk, heat-seal and cuts it off automatically.


L type automatic wrapping machine   Shrink tunnel   Labeling machine
By one piece of shrink film, it wraps the whole product, molds the package and cuts it.   This equipment could blow the heat from all directions.
The heat shrinkable resin package expands and contracts to fit the shape of the product.
  This machine labels on the sides(curved surface) of a circular cylindrical shaped container. By alternately feeding the label from the front and back, it could also label two pieces at once.。

Facilities for Research

Adgi-Homogenizing mixer   High performence liquid chromatography
This is a Vacuum Emulsify Equipment which is used for 2L Prototypes.
To observe the stirring condition, it is totally surrounded by glass.
  This equipment conducts qualitative and quantitative research of a specific constituent, separates and analyzes several ingredients.