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Job Listings (All Group Companies)

Head Office(Nakano-ku, Tokyo)
Science Policy Planning Division
Development and Designing of Cosmetics, Health Food, and ingredients Collection, management and transmitting data of Science Policy, Pharmaceutical Affairs, intellectual properties like patents and trademarks.
Planning of sales promotion, designing of container, packages, advertisement, promoting products.
Sales Division(Domestic)
◆OEM(Project proposing style OEM)
・Drugstores・Esthetic Salons・Hair Salons・Mail order planning companies・ Clinics・Variety Shops Distribution of Ingredients Distribute to Cosmetic Manufactures and Health Food Manufactures.
◆Distribution of Ingredients
Distribute to Cosmetic Manufactures and Health Food Manufactures.
Sales Division(Overseas)
Distribute ingredients and products to overseas corporate customers
Trading Countries=>Korea, Taiwan, Russia, China, Singapore
Mail Order Division
Planning of sales promotion (Catalogs, Direct Mails), Call Center Operation (Order Taking・Receiving Inquiries)
Administrative Headquarter
All the administrative affairs such as, Personnel, Labor, Administrative, and Accounting.
To build out, management, and maintenance of company system.
(e-mail, production management, and mail-order system)
Plant(Iruma-city, Saitama prefecture)
Research & Development
Research & Development of new ingredients, formulation development of cosmetics and health foods)
Quality Management
Analyze, product inspection of ingredients, making inspection reports, specifications, and written standards.
Manufacturing, Filling and Packing of Cosmetic Ingredients and Bulks(skin lotion, cream, gel)
Production management
production direction and stock control (for finished products, half-finished products, raw materials, materials), delivery management.
-Using the Production management system(Nerve of the factory)