Q.We would like to ask for OEM products.
A.We offer from Planning and Developnent to Manufacturing and Sales Promotion.
We react to all the needs for, supplying the Bulks itself, containers and packages, and small Lot requirements.
Please feel free to consult us.
Q.What are the variations of cosmetics which could be manufactured?
A.A. serum (incl. stock solution)
・serum face mask
・eyelash growth serum
We manufacture and supply upon request. Not only finished products, we could supply in bulk. Please feel free to consult us.
Q.What are the forms of the health food?
A.・Liquid (drinks)
・Tablets(incl. sugar-coated tablets)
Basically, all of the products available in the market are possible.
Please feel free to consult us.
Q.Could we buy hair care products?
A.You could buy them at our affiliated hair salon.

At our hair salon, we offer courses using our treatment devices.
You could also buy them at our website.
Q.Where are the countries which you sell the products? What kind of products do you sell?
A.The countries which we sell overseas now are Korea, Taiwan, China, Russia, and Singapore.
It is expected that the market will extend from now on.
The products we sell are our original products(LA MENTE, and professional-use products) and OEM products.