From Planning to Manufacturing & Sales.This consistent way brings Reassurance and Safety.

Business Lineup

Besides original brand products, we also handle various customer’s OEM products.

Which we could say for all of our products is, to produce consistently.
In all the process from Planning to Manufacturing and Sales, we generously offer our distinctive know-how considering the Customer’s Needs.
Also, it is our big advantage that we are directly-connected to a raw material manufacturer.
Raw material is a “Life” of cosmetics. Comparing to river, it is a “sorce”, Reassured, safe, and the best raw material, which is manufactured in our group, is combined in abundance, which leads to high safety and quality to our products.


Based on high quality raw materials and reliable technology accumulated as a leading company of Doctor’s Cosmetics, we totally support them from planning to manufacturing and sales with a partnership with our customer first policy.
We also respond to small Lots of production, package designing, and give advices for creating brochures, respond to customer’s needs respectfully.

Original Products


LA MENTE means, “Heart, Minds” in Spanish.
With accumulated know-how for cosmetics development, we focus on a medical level of quality and safeness, taking advantage of having a raw material manufacture as a back ground company.
No need to mention about the skin, the powerful cosmetics which also resonates to the heart. That is “LA MENTE” series. It is “the ideal skincare” which we would like to offer to everyone.

Moremonsieur (for men),  Morelady (for women)

Aging care series for the hair and scalp.
“Moremonsieur, Morelady” are hair care series which adopted a hair growth mechanism called “ESP triple formula” into hair care series. It combines plant extract, and also three types of ingredients; “EGF/FGF”, “sialic acid”, and “Placenta extract”.
We have developed two types of products sexually, “for men” and “for women”.
We also have “supplements”, which contains ingredients that is necessary for hair growth and, “treatment courses”, which propose hair care totally.

Professional USE (for Salon)

It is a skincare product focused on high quality and safety, born from long terms of research, which resolves skin troubles fundamentally, and made especially for esthetic treatment.
It contains plenty of natural ingredients like the world’s first water-soluble stabilized Vitamin C and Placenta extract, made by a strict management structure and unique method.
It guide your skin to healthy and transparency true beauty by sending requirements to appropriate places properly.
Professional USE